Anonymous asked: When are the first day of classes for the fall in 2014?

I believe August 25th is the first day, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Anonymous asked: If I am taking a course that is the prerequisite for another course that i want to register into would I have any issues? I am taking MA112 now but would like to take accounting in the fall and the prerequisite is MA112

I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine since you’re taking the prerequisite now. I’ve taken classes where I’m taking the prerequisite and the class after at the same time. You should be good. 

Anonymous asked: Is freshman orientation mandatory? What happens if we cant make any of the dates because of summer vacation plans?

I don’t think it’s completely mandatory. You will be missing some things like IDs and getting parking permits and other boring things like that, but I do urge you to go just for the experience and to get to meet new people. If you can’t, you can’t, just make sure you let the school know if they ask you to and to get all the important stuff that you missed done when you come back from vacation.

Anonymous asked: if my financial aid exceeds my tuition does that mean the college would be paying me the money left over?

I think it just carries over into the next semester. I think there’s an option of them paying you, but you should really just have it carry over and then you can cancel a loan or something.
I suggest you go to financial aid and talk to them about it. Their office is in Aquinas. Go into the doors that put you in the Caldwell College half of the building, and go down the hallway and make the second right and it’ll be on the left.

erikalikespizza13 asked: what time do most clubs usually meet? do u think it's possible to be a commuter and be able to be involved in many different clubs at the same time? im interested in the adventure club,film club and martial arts club

There’s no set time for clubs to meet but there are activity periods from 11-12 on Mondays and Wednesdays so some clubs try to occupy that time.
It’s possible to commute and be involved in school activities. I have issues because I take a bus so I like to be home before 5pm and most activities happen at school around 7-9pm. It’s really all about how you manage your time and when your classes are.

erikalikespizza13 asked: Are there any religious classes you have to take in Caldwell? Also, is EVERYONE there religious?

You have to take two theology course. One for your regular core and one for your enriched core. It may feel like they’re trying to shove Catholicsm down your throat, but remember that we’re a private Catholic university and until we are no longer affiliated with the Dominican order, we will remain Catholic. That being said, I and many other students aren’t religious at all or are of different religions. We’re not all that different from colleges and universities that aren’t affiliated with religion. The theology classes aren’t like Sunday school where you learn your prayers and you take the bible at face value. Instead, you learn a lot of history about religions and you analyze the bible to make it more believable than saying “and this totally happened despite the fact that it would never happen in the real world.”
Don’t let the religious affiliation decide whether or not you go here. Soon you’ll find that saying hello to Sister Barbara and Father Al are just another part of your day.

Anonymous asked: do you know if I am going to be a sophomore next year that I would still be able to join a sorority when rush week comes? Or are new members just for freshmen?

I think anyone can rush at any point in their education. It would be pretty dumb if they couldn’t and I’d fight for you to be able to as a sophomore.

Anonymous asked: do you know if all you need for the gym in the Newman Center is your student id? and can commuters use the gym as well?

Commuters can use the gym, it would really suck if we couldn’t (and also be unfair). I’m not sure about the I.D. but it couldn’t hurt to bring it anyway just in case.

Anonymous asked: if I wanted to send a package to my boyfriend from Caldwell to his school, how would i do that?

Get everything situated. Make sure you have the box packed and taped and addresses on and right and then come on down to the mail room and they’ll help you out.

Film Club meeting!


Since there was a change of plans and had the trivia challenge instead last week, we will be watching the movie this week.

We will be meeting at 4:30 in the first floor Lecture Hall in Werner, so come on down and join us for the fun! All are welcome. The theme is still couples in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

We hope to see you there!

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